Angela Setters Bessard Answers: Have Mentors Impacted Your Life?!

In life I have had many mentors that did not even know or realize that they were mentoring me. People, failures and my past life were all mentors that taught me along the way. I especially love watching true leadership in action, you know those leaders that are servants first but walk out accountability, courage and fearless commitment to their calls to lead others in life by what they do and not just what they say.

My failures were always great mentors to teach me how to get back up again after a fall or hit and run (you know the storms that knock the wind out of you), although it was tough to endure those failures I try to look at how they are meant to make me stronger, tougher and more fit for my race in life! One of my best mentors was my Pastor who happens to be my husband Ralph; he taught me how to believe in myself again after many failed attempts at doing things in my own strength, developing a spiritual toughness and allowing my faith to lead has been one of the best life changing transformations, I am truly grateful for it all.

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Angela Setters Bessard Answers: Have Mentors Impacted Your Life?!

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