February 27, 2020

Lilu, Inc – Adriana Vazquez Ortiz

Lilu is making pumping more comfortable and compatible with the lifestyle of the modern mom. 62% of moms have difficulties pumping enough milk for their babies and have to use breast massage, while pumping, to try to pump more milk, faster. In fact, research from Stanford shows that incorporating breast massage while pumping increases milk output by 50%, helps produce more nutrient-rich milk, and can help moms maintain their milk supply in the long run. But pumping and massaging at the same time is tedious, unproductive and ultimately unsustainable for many moms, which is why not being able to pump enough milk is a leading reason for moms to quit pumping earlier than planned. This is why we created the Lilu Massage Bra, the first pumping bra with automated massage to help moms pump more milk, hands-free. After 3 years of research, product development and intensive user testing, we launched the Lilu Massage Bra for sales in Q3 of 2019 and have shipped over 250 units to paying customers to date. We are MIT and Penn designers and engineers, working closely with researchers from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. We have been backed by HAX-SOSV, Quake Capital and received grants from Philips, BFTP, YCombinator, the NSF, among others.