February 28, 2020

Voices For Vets – Randy Thomas

Our mission is to find their voices and change their narrative. From the battlefield of war to the competitive field of Voice Over. Voices For Vets is a Television Series looking to change the way we see our veterans as they transition from battling for their lives in war to battling the competition at the mic in search of a voice over career. We seek and find veterans (via YouTube, social-media and radio stations across the country) whose voice is trapped within from years of military training and combat and want to learn how to use it for good. We bring these defenders of freedom (men and women) to Los Angeles and immerse them into the world of Voice over. We learn about their extraordinary stories as soldiers, sailors and airmen and teach them the unique and specialized voice over skills that they will take home and live their dream of using their voice and providing for their families and contributing to their communities. This is a 21-day, total immersion and life changing experience in the Voice Over universe for eighteen Veterans. The first week’s mission is “basic training”. We will bring these Vets together for world class VO acting sessions at the Don LaFontaine Voice Over Lab at the SAG Foundation and immerse them into the glitter and glamour of Hollywood. The second week’s mission is “tech training”. We identify the genre the vet will most likely find success. They are then assigned to a VO Superstar in their genre such as John Hamm for a Mercedes-Benz recording session or Tom Hanks for an animation voice over session or Scott Rummell for a mover trailer session. The Vets will work toward perfecting their reads through a number of VO skill drills to compete via auditions in the show for major and national brands. This week is concluded with an “audition” to rank level of polished audition delivered. The third week’s mission is to go “operational”. This is where the rubber meets the road and our Veterans will be facing the mic to compete for real world auditions and be the best voice over regardless of genre. Each Veteran, in addition to booking a gig, will receive a cash prize and a high-end home studio and sign with a talent agent.