February 22, 2020

Cirkled In – Reetu Gupta

Cirkled In is “LinkedIn for students and colleges –Only Better!” - a Data Analytics and Machine Learning based college recruitment platform, matching students and best-fit colleges, creating win-win while leveling the playing fields for all students. Every year, colleges have enrollment goals along with equity & diversity goals. Hence, they proactively recruit high school students spending $10B-$100B. But their insanely inefficient and antiquated marketing methods get them meager 1% returns on this spend, while missing out on most of the goals. It costs them over $2,500 on average to recruit one student. Worst part -without a good fit match, 60% graduation rate is a losing proposition for both students & colleges. Cirkled In is disrupting this very market, modernizing the recruitment process to be in line with needs of colleges and students, creating win-win.