Episode #261 Children’s Book Author Debra Smalley talks about “Izzy’s Trash Mountain Mystery”

Invest In Her host Catherine Gray talks with Debra Smalley; author, businesswoman, mother, grandmother, and wife. As a former teacher of preschool as well as children with learning disabilities, Debra knows that kids absorb information best when they’re having fun. Debra had this thought in mind when writing, “Izzy’s Trash Mountain Mystery,” a book that uses superhero characters to help children learn about the value of recycling, while also helping them develop a stronger bond with their parents and grandparents. “Izzy’s Trash Mountain Mystery,” is a story filled with fun and adventure through colorful illustrations and a creative story about how children, even though they may be small, can be a big part in helping to save the planet. Additionally, a percentage of the book’s proceeds will be donated to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

You can pick up a copy when the book goes on sale via Amazon Nov. 18th!

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For more information about “Izzy’s Trash Mountain Mystery,” click here: www.trashmountainmystery.com 


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Episode #261 Children’s Book Author Debra Smalley talks about “Izzy’s Trash Mountain Mystery”

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