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My business is all about creating high quality motorcycle gear for women. It is based on the simple idea that women deserve high style, functionality, visibility and protection in motorcycle gear. Women will not compromise their safety, style or femininity by purchasing a men’s item, in a size small. There will be no sacrifice, when it comes to the fit, style and safety of a garment based on gender.

I am solving the problem of the lack of choices for protective and stylish motorcycle gear for women. I will also solve the issue of being seen on a bike, one of the number one causes of accidents.

In the Hurt Report, the most comprehensive study to date, on “Motorcycle Accident Cause Factors” it states that one of the predominating causes of accidents is the failure of motorists to detect and recognize motorcycles in traffic. A driver hitting the motorcyclist is all too common. The most common driver statement is that he/she never saw the motorcycle rider until it was too late.

High-Level Pitch

HarloGear is high-fashion, protective women’s motorcycle gear.


Founder: Tara EL Naggar

HarloGear – Tara EL Naggar

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