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Description of Wander + Ivy

I searched high and low for single-serve wine options, but anything I found left much to be desired—like great taste and packaging that mirrored the quality of the experience.

When I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I decided to create it myself.

I started Wander + Ivy because I wanted the freedom to enjoy a great glass of wine anytime without the guilt of knowing most of the bottle would probably go to waste.

 Today, we’re proud to offer an elevated single-serve wine experience that combines the exquisite taste and terroir of organic wines from sustainable producers with convenient, premium packaging and a deep-seated commitment to helping charitable organizations feed those in need.


High-Level Pitch

Premium Wine I Organic Grapes I Convenient Single Serve.


Founder: Dana Spaulding

Wander + Ivy – Dana Spaulding

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