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About Founder Catherine Gray

I'm Catherine Gray - a Producer, Author, TEDx Speaker, Host of www.InvestInHerPodcast.com, the Founder of www.SheAngeIinvestors.com and the Co-Founder of non-profit www.SheAngelsFoundation.org.

My focus is always on empowering female entrepreneurs. My passion is to utilize our multi media platform to fund women, and level the playing field, since women are severely underfunded. We get less than 2% of venture capital and only 1.6% of charitable goes to initiatives for women and girls.

Currently, my focus is on producing a new original series for streaming called Fund Women- Save the World! Together with my She Angels Foundation Co-Founder, Catherine Curry Williams- we travel to cities around the U.S. - arriving via branded motor coach to provide a grants to deserving female founded non profits who are helping women, and investments to for profit female founded companies with ground breaking business ideas. The show follows their back story, receipt of their surprise investment and mentorship, and a follow up segment of their success due the financial infusion and guidance.

Also, I produce and host a popular podcast series called INVEST IN HER, to discuss ways to accelerate the funding of women, and provide resources and inspiration to our listeners. We feature both female founders and funders! It is distributed on Apple, Spotify, iHeartRadio and wherever you listen to podcasts.

In my past, I am so grateful and proud to have produced several award-winning films including the very first documentary film about gay marriage called ‘I Can't Marry You,’ narrated by Ellen DeGeneres's mom Betty, which aired on PBS in more than 60 cities nationwide. Also, I co-produced several documentary films for the LOGO network.

She Angels is my multi-media platform that creates everything from films and shows, to game-changing events to empower women such as the Live Love Thrive Conferences, podcasts, and the She Angels Pitch Fest and TV series. We collaborate with the City of West Hollywood, CA for the pitch fest.

As the top producer in the country in cable television advertising in Miami for 15 years, I left the position to become Vice President of Advertising for the first ever gay cable network and decided from that day forward, all of my ventures would be working on projects for the greater good.

My favorite quote is from Mahatma Gandhi "Happiness Is When What You Think, What You Say, and What You Do Are In Complete Harmony." I also believe the quote of the Dalai Lama, “The Western Women will save the world”!

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About Us

A compilation of true stories about ordinary women who are doing extraordinary things to make the world a better place while they Live, Love and Thrive. Each story shares inspired insights about overcoming obstacles to manifest miraculous accomplishments in life, relationships and work!

She Angels Founder, Catherine Gray, sits on the advisory board of Take The Lead Women!

They champion the program "50 Women Can Change The World in Media & Entertainment".