Catherine Gray
Influencer - Motivational Speaker


Speaker, Producer, Author and Founder Of She Angel Investors and Host of the INVEST IN HER podcast, speaks at events about several topics:

  • "7 Simple Steps To Empowering Your Legacy”
  • "Finding Funding for Female Founders”
  • "How and Why Need To Improve Funding Resources for Underserved People: Women, LGBTQ, and Bipoc"

She has you explore what will be the footprint you will leave on the planet that makes a positive difference in the world!

Catherine shares the Seven Simple Steps she personally uses daily to create all her lifelong endeavors from films, to conferences and events, her book, weekly podcast talk shows, and documentaries. She also talks about how to find funding and why and how to be part of the funding solution that will impact the planet.

Gray speaks at conferences, workshops, events and through various media outlets.

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