Origin of "Live Love Thrive"

My dear friend Barbara Lentini was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2012. After recovering from surgery, Barbara had a great desire to help others by creating healing groups for cancer patients, caregivers, and cancer survivors. She and a few close friends – Annmarie, Linda, Barbara, Ann, Sue and Chrissy – then launched Live Love Thrive, a grassroots group in New York whose purpose is to give people tools to reduce stress and improve the quality of their lives so they can heal and thrive from within.

Today, Barbara continues to live, love, and thrive in her personal life, as an extraordinary massage therapist and continues to inspire me and others with her own miraculous journey. She is truly a woman who exudes 360Karma. I am proud to call her my friend and dedicated my book, web series, and conference to her, and to all the bold women of our 360Karma community.