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Classiqu Era has been my dream since I was a child! It is currently beyond the concept stage, with a solid platform beneath the business. I am currently selling beautiful dresses by individual order, and am receiving both positive reviews and wonderful testimonials from my clients!

All of my licenses are complete, Classiqu Era is incorporated, and has a trademark filed and published with the USPTO.

I’ve done copious market research, and a physical survey has been completed, highlighting the need and desire for my product.

My business plan is complete, and updated. I have obtained sourcing for materials, and secured a contractor to create the dresses. I am producing both samples and finished products!

Classiqu Era has been showcased in two trunk shows where product was sold, and has participated in two charity fashion shows, where the dresses walked the runway. Laura Sharpe, CEO of Artists for Trauma, received an award wearing a Classiqu Era dress!

A soft launch party is to take place on June 1, in Century Woods, CA. I am presenting a proposal to a large dress company at the end of May!

Classiqu Era is beginning a partnership with Artists For Trauma, a non-profit organization that assists in the recovery of both military and civilian trauma survivors. AFT pairs established artists with people recovering from severe physical, mental, and emotional trauma, promoting healing through the arts. Please visit their website at When Classiqu Era becomes a going concern, it is my goal to provide assistance for their continued success. Being in a creative industry, and coming to know my client Laura Sharpe, their founder and CEO, I believe that AFT’s work is tremendously important. I would be thrilled to help them build upon their program–AFT’s work changes lives!

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Founder: Anne Devlin

Classiqu Era, Inc. – Anne Devlin

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