Kristine Ovsepian: What makes me a fearless woman?

One thing I have learned from my spiritual journey in the past decade is that fear is an illusion and if I give it room, it leads into the deep dark hole of victim hood. It’s a false evidence appearing real and if I feed it continuously, it can and will take over my life. That was literally the first 30 years of my life. I was too afraid to live and experience the beauty of life, because I was terrified of failure, being judged, and the unknown.

A decade ago my transformation of moving from fear to love changed my life. I learned to pull the plug on fear, as soon as I notice it appearing in any form or way in my life. When I notice fear raising its ugly head, I push through it and surrender and trust that everything is always going to workout. In doing this, I have shifted and transformed my life from limiting myself to taking healthy risks to achieve my goals and dreams and living life to the fullest.

I made a decision to challenge myself, instead of feeling sorry for myself, and to take charge and responsibility for my own life, instead of blaming others for my limitations.

One of the ways I continually achieve this is by staying focused on my goals and getting things done. I love making lists, so I make a list and commit to completing at least 1-3 small tasks a day that helps me get closer to my goal.

I have taught myself to no longer focus on the problem but to seek to find a solution. This is the exact way I help guide my clients, to become optimistic and transform their life from within. I teach them to be solution oriented, by shifting the perception from negative to positive.

Most importantly, the fuel that keeps my fire going to be fearless is the fulfillment I feel when I am of service to others and seeing their life’s transform before me. By practicing self love and care on a regular basis I am able to continue being of service. Healthy nutrition, intermittent fasting, rest, sleep, and meditation are a daily part of my life.

The constant practice and dedication of these simple yet powerful tools and choices make me a fearless woman.

Love & Light,

Kristine Ovsepian, MA, C.Ht.
Certified Hypnotherapist/ Life Coach
NLP, EFT, & Law of Attraction Practitioner
Author of “Living through Choice”
Intuitive Healer
(818) 605-0089
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Kristine Ovsepian: What makes me a fearless woman?

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